Effortless Eye Protection

With Maui Blue Light Protect™ Lenses

Comfort. Clarity. Protection.

Near, far, and in-between, your eyes deserve all-day defense from the bothersome effects of blue light; digital eye strain, blurred vision, disrupted sleep, and headaches. Protect your eyes with advanced lens technology that works as hard as you do. Talk to your eye care professional today.

Above: Joey wears style 2230-04 with Maui Blue Light Protect lenses


Say goodbye to digitally-induced headaches and blurry vision and get relief through our proprietary blue light filter, which is built into the lens for added durability. It might also be time to explore an anti-fatigue lens like MauiPassport Boost—the perfect partner to Maui Blue Light Protect.


Crystal clear optics means your visual experience will be second-to-none, while the appearance of the lens itself is virtually clear (no yellow or blue tint here).


Our premium and proprietary blue light filter reduces 78% of HEV (High Energy Visible light) at 420nm, and it also blocks 100% of harmful UV rays. This offers protection from potential retinal damage due to digital device use and artificial lighting.

Top Styles for Blue Light Protection

What's included in every pair?


We protect each lens with our proprietary CLEARSHELL® anti-scratch treatment.

Repel Oil and Water

Each Maui Blue Light Protect lens has our water- and oil-repellent application, making it easy to keep them clean.


Premium anti-reflective (A/R) coating is applied to both sides of the lens to enhance eye comfort.