PolarizedPlus2® Mirror Sunglasses

Fashionable Mirrors Meet PolarizedPlus2® Technology

Our collection of fully-applied fashion mirrors offers a spectrum of colors to suit any occasion or style. Inspired by the rich, vibrant hues of the islands, these diverse options start with our patented PolarizedPlus2® color-enhancing lens technology, and are found in three of our base lens colors. This means that while your look will be on-point, you'll also see balanced, saturated colors, while protecting your views and eliminating glare.

Blue mirror “Blue Hawaii” was our first foray into fashion colors, and is most popular mirror color option, adored by men and women alike. Pink mirror “MAUI Sunrise” follows in popularity with its fun and happy energy. Green mirror “MAUIGreen®” portrays energy and vitality with its luminescent vibe. The two-toned "Dual Mirror" is a unique process that gives you the best of two colors in one. Red mirror “HAWAII LAVA™” is our latest offering that delivers fiery intensity for a bold look.
Red mirror styles full of intensity.

HAWAII LAVA™ Collection

Red Mirror Sunglasses

Better views ahead in captivating blue.

Blue Hawaii Collection

Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Serene green mirror styles to soothe your eyes.

MAUIGreen® Collection

Green Mirror Sunglasses

Pink mirror styles are the embodiment of fun.

Maui Sunrise Collection

Pink Mirror Sunglasses

Why choose just one color when you can have two?

Dual Mirror Collection

Dual Mirror Sunglasses

Hundreds of More Styles

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