Seeing is a Gift:
Commit to the Three Keys to Healthy Vision

Eye Health: The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes

Every day brings countless moments to be remembered throughout our lifetimes. From the monumental—like venturing on an epic hike, game-winning plays, annual celebrations, or tackling a big project at work. To the mundane—like reading a recipe or a change in expression, a trip to the park, or taking the dog for a walk. Every view of your life is worthy and deserves to be preserved. Read on to follow our three keys to healthy vision.

Key #1: Outdoor Protection

Damaging UV is present every day

All Maui Jim sunglasses carry patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology that delivers comprehensive UV & HEV (solar blue light) protection, glare elimination, and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Key #2: Year-Round Prevention

Regular eye exams are the first step

Our eyes are essential in collecting information and giving us focus for the attention that our lives demand. Life’s most irreplaceable moments are meant to be experienced in full clarity and detail, to become treasured memories for years to come.

Key #3: Visual Comfort

Block uncomfortable glare to enable relaxed vision & clearer views

Reflected sunlight (AKA: glare) is uncomfortable and can obstruct your views. Polarization eliminates glare and enables relaxed vision and clearer views. Color-enhancement creates greater contrast and crisper details.


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