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Bringing better eye protection to light

The Maui Blue Light Protect Lens offers all-day protection against the harmful effects of blue light, while allowing the beneficial light to reach the eye.

What is Maui Blue Light Protect?

HEV, or high energy visible light, is blue-violet in color. Often referred to as "harmful blue light", these waves pass through the lens of the eye and reach the retina. HEV comes from the sun and is present in any weather condition. It is also transmitted from computers and digital devices (tablets, cell phones) and some indoor lighting.

Blue Light Protect Statistics

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Why choose a lens with Maui Blue Light Protect?

Maui Blue Light Protect Lenses filter out the harmful blue light and allow beneficial blue light in for improved contrast and resolution in a clear lens. They protect from:

Eyestrain and related headaches | Tired eyes | Blurred vision

Potential retinal damage from digital devices and artificial lighting

Maui Blue Light Protect Lens