MauiPure LT

MauiPure® LT Sunglasses Collection

Experience Our Thinnest and Most Lightweight Lenses

MauiPure LT was inspired by the amazing architecture of feathers—naturally-designed for performance, strength, and aerodynamics while also being beautiful and colourful.

MauiPure LT is our thinnest, lightest, and strongest lens material that delivers sunglasses that weigh the same as just two pieces of paper! As with all Maui Jim sunglasses, our patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology leads the way with unrivaled colour, clarity, and detail.

Maui Pure sunglasses next to feather.

Thinner = lighter: MauiPure LT is 35% thinner.

Weighs as much as two pieces of paper.

Superior construction with flexible, streamlined, non-slip performance.

Three sunglasses in front of feathers.

Feels barely there…delivers breathtaking views.

Advanced airflow technology nose pads; better grip, less slip.

Impact & scratch resistance available in seven vibrant lens colors.