sunglasses from curated collection with words that say art changes the way you see the world so do our sunglasses

Introducing the Curated Collection; limited-edition Maui Jim frames featuring the work of internationally renowned Maui artist Charlie Lyon. At Maui Jim, we believe the outside world is a work of art. That's why we want you to see it through sunglasses that are, too.

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inside view of 3 colors of sunglasses from curated collection

An ode to Hawaii:

its air, sea, land and the natural life that occupies it.

curated collection sunglasses displayed in front of gray background

Experience the full spectrum

of nature's palette with every brush stroke of sea, sky and sun rendered crisp, clean and vibrant before your eyes. Just like a painting.

curated collection sunglasses displayed in front of blue background

Be captivated…

with the artistry and the beauty of the world you see through our lenses.

man with crossed arms looking to the side at a source of light

The sky, the sea and the islands make up the foundation of the painting. Taken together, the imagery represents the rhythm of life in the islands—my own Maui Jim lifestyle. It is my wish that you experience the elements as they unfold in front of you, creating moments of appreciation and joy.” – Artist, Charlie Lyon

Charlie Lyon

curated collection sunglasses displayed in front of matching case and cleaning cloth

Every purchase includes

a beautifully-crafted gift box, premium hard-sided case, and a coordinating cleaning cloth.