Lente MAUIGreen en el marco de Mangosta Gris Translúcido, gafas de sol sobre un tronco afuera


La exuberancia y la belleza del verde de las colinas tropicales de la zona oriental de Maui se reflejan en nuestro nuevo modelo de espejo a la moda.

Blue Hawaii

The brilliant hues of our island inspired us to create a lens for those that thrive on color.

MAUI Sunrise

The pink mirror coating of MAUI Sunrise enhances your view of the world through the most vivid hues of pink.

Red mirror styles full of intensity.

HAWAII LAVA™ Collection

Red Mirror Sunglasses

Mahalo to Heroes

Honoring first responders, nurses, and healthcare professionals.

The Maui Jim Difference

What sets Maui Jim apart from other brands is our unique ability to combine industry-leading technology, the culture and spirit of Hawaii, and all the benefits of an independently owned business.

Manchester United

See the beauty of the world around you in the same way that Manchester United players and coaches do—with the Manchester United official club collection by Maui Jim.