On-Going Support for Lahaina

Committing 10% of select sunglasses sales* to relief efforts in Maui

In August 2023, Lahaina suffered unfathomable devastation caused by wildfires on the Island of Maui. We’ve immediately donated to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund, but Lahaina still needs our help. To continue our contribution to the rebuilding of the Lahaina community, when you purchase any of the styles worn by our ambassador Evan Mock, online or through an authorized retailer, we commit to donate 10% of the proceeds to the Maui Strong Fund in 2024. Through this donation, we can help provide resources to support the recovery of the people and places affected.

*Selected sunglasses for this initiative are Kenui (SKU GS642-14), Laulima (SKU B626-14), Kahiko (SKU B635-03) and Kupale (SKU GM639-03) . This initiative calculates 10% of the retail price of net sales when sunglasses are purchased directly on mauijim.com and in our retail stores, and 10% of the wholesale price of net sales when sunglasses are purchased through an authorized Maui Jim retailer partner. Retail and wholesale prices are intended pre-tax, and net sales is intended to mean sales net of returns.