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The lush and verdant beauty of the rain-forested hills of East Maui are reflected in this fresh fashion mirror option. As you wind through the ancient lands, abundant canopies of protected forests render dappled sunlight that suddenly open to wide expanses of awe-inspiring views of cerulean blue ocean waters. This interplay of green and blue is reflected in the subtle iridescence of MAUIGreen®; ready to surprise and delight you with every turn along your journey.

MAUIGreen® is also available in prescription. Check with your local Maui Jim eye care professional.

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All the benefits of PolarizedPlus2®.

Subtle iridescence…not-so-subtle views.

Get ready to get noticed.

Mb190e in Shoal

"Love Maui Jim's and the Shoal is no exception."

"Couldn't be happier with the pair of Shoal's I recently picked up. Just heavy enough with the superthin glass to know you're wearing them. Style with the MauiGreen® is cutting edge for sure. Maui Jim has done it again!! Definitely one of my favourite brands across the board. Basically a 10! Pretty much bathing your eyes in the elixir of life."

★★★★★ - steve1369 from Vancouver 

Photo by Mb190e