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The lush and verdant beauty of the rain-forested hills of East Maui are reflected in this fresh fashion mirror option. As you wind through the ancient lands, abundant canopies of protected forests render dappled sunlight that suddenly open to wide expanses of awe-inspiring views of cerulean blue ocean waters. This interplay of green and blue is reflected in the subtle iridescence of MAUIGreen®; ready to surprise and delight you with every turn along your journey.

MAUIGreen® is also available in prescription. Check with your local Maui Jim eye care professional.

MAUIGreen® is now available as a custom lens color option with the MyMaui® customization service. Learn more here.

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All the benefits of PolarizedPlus2®.

Subtle iridescence…not-so-subtle views.

Get ready to get noticed.

"Southern Cross MAUIGreen for the win"

"Having used Maui Jim glasses for the past 10 years, I thought it was time for a fresh pair for this year. Doing a little research I stumbled upon the Southern Cross with the MAUIGreen lens, these glasses are predominately for fishing, I have only used the HCL Bronze for fishing in the past, and sometimes on low and broken light they can be a little dark. The Green lens is a game changer, already I think it will be my go-to, the light transmission is exceptional in lower and broken light and will be enough for those really bright mornings during the summer. The Matt Olive frames are also really clean and have a great finish. All in all these glasses are 10/10 for me, also if you have a big head they fit really well with great coverage."

★★★★★ - Joshua E. from North Wales 

Photo by hackingt_22